Group dinner for all employees of Haurtyi

Due to the impact of the 2020 epidemic, many activities have been suspended, but moving forward is the driving force, but it will not stop.

In addition to planning the welfare plan for the Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, the Haurtyi Welfare Committee has also begun to gradually handle small-scale employee welfare activities. 4/1 pm 6:30 all staff and staff have a group dinner in Haurtyi. After get off work, transfer to Tainan Guitian Hotel directly. Please wear formal evening attire when you go to work on the same day.

(The details are based on the announcement of the Welfare Committee).


The orchestra in the banquet allowed the Welfare Committee to increase the meaning of social responsibility:

A group of youth orchestras who love to sing in Jianshan, Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung city sang love and spread love in Liugui Baolai and Bulao Hot Spring District and donated all the funds raised to the elderly of tribal disabled families to buy diapers and distribute love.